Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Sign The Marriage Protection Amendment Petition

The issue of same sex marriage is not simply a question of allowing those who are in love, no matter what gender they are, to be married. It is a battleground for the sanctioning of homosexuality as a normal lifestyle and the extremist advocates are seeking to establish it in America against the majority who believe that marriage should not be redefined. With the goal of forcing it into our schools and onto our children they seek to establish a form of homosexual affirmative action and to force it down our throats by dint of hate crime legislation (*soon to morph into "hate speech" legislation).

Hate crime legislation will be aimed at America's churches and ministers who preach the teaching of the Bible. The Bible will be subject to censorship because it has the potential, under hate crime legislation, to be classified as hate literature.
The same sex marriage advocacy, who brandishes the Constitution as their point of legality, ignores the First Amendment by seeking to impose censorship on the freedom of speech and the freedom of religion.

The minority will dictate to the majority what their morals are going to be and if the majority objects they can be jailed for being homophobic bigots. They can be fired from their jobs for discrimination. They can lose their parental rights because they are teaching their children "intolerance." They will be under the scrutiny of the "thought police" in their schools, churches and workplaces. Big Brother is watching.

That is why we need an amendment to the Constitution defining marriage as between one man and one woman so that the radicals do not overthrow decency and sanity in this country. This amendment would serve to halt the left wing judges from declaring the Constitutionality of same sex marriage and to put an end to the mistranslation of the Constitution.

The left wing supports same sex marriage because it serves to further the moral degradation of the United States leaving it ripe for anarchy. They seek to destroy all that is traditional to create confusion and alienate family values from the mainstream of America who does not view them as "progressive" but rather regressive or digressive.

I invite mainstream America to stand up for their rights or lose them.

Posted on 10/12/2005 By Walt. -- Help Save Marriage! Sign the Marriage Protection Amendment petition

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