Monday, September 05, 2005

In The Life

Late sunday evening I was up late watching the news coverage of hurricane Katrina's aftermath and while surfing the channels after 12:00am, I came across the British sitcom "Keeping Up Appearances" on my local PBS station, I watched the last few minuets of the show, after the program ended I was just about to turn off the TV when actress Sharon Gless appeared on my TV screen and invited me to watch the latest edition of In the Life Titled 524,000 and Counting

Sharon Gless--

We are embarking on a quarter century since the first diagnosis of AIDS in America. The lives lost are now reaching over “524,000 AND COUNTING.” On this edition of In the Life, we explore just how far we have come in the war against AIDS.

I thought to myself, Ok! This may be interesting! Let's hear how the homosexuality advocates spin this and blame society (read: homophobia and Christian fundamentalists) and the government instead of the complete lack of morality, common sense and personal responsibility on behalf of the homosexual community for the HIV/AIDS crisis in America.

The program was Dished out in four segments-



    Despite the interviews from "medical experts" the CDC's Deputy Director and an "AIDS activist" no statistics were reported and nobody mentioned the fact that the federal government spends far more taxper dollars on HIV/AIDS research/treatment per patient than they do for Cancer, Heart disease, etc, that effect a greater number of our citizens. I will give them credit for pointing out the facts that A) despite the awareness programs and federal funding the HIV/AIDS epidemic (among homosexuals) continues unabated. and B) The development of new meds gives homosexuals a false sense of security and they continue to engage in risky BEHAVIOR with deadly consequences. Other than that the segment was laced with the usual Reagan's fault, AIDS quilt, Act Up! - Act Out!- Fight AIDS! rhetorical blame everyone else nonsense.


    Very good segment. Documents the testimony of four homosexual men that found out the hard way what happens when one combines promiscuous homosexual activity with drug abuse (Methamphetamine). I'm sorry, I find it very difficult to find any compassion for these otherwise intelligent well educated young men that end up with HIV/AIDS because they threw caution to the wind and embarked on their quest for (described in their own words) "The ultimate Pleasure Experience"


    Segment about "one million homeless teens in the United States" They claim half of which without citing any source for the statistics (no surprise there) are from the LGBT homosexual community. They claim these youngsters are victims and they cannot function "normally" in society and are "often" forced into "unprotected survival sex" (read prostitution) instead of getting their act together and working a normal job. I guess they figure a store clerk or a wal mart employee will never make enough money to keep up with the expense of trying to make a boy appear to be a girl or vice versa. Go figure. The thing that stuck out like a red flag to me was the older "AIDS activists" (homosexuals) seeking these teens out on the street with his "goodie bag" to pass condoms and flavored lubricants out, one activist said "its like handing out long as its the flavored ones they want them" The whole thing was unbelievable, nothing but chicken hawks trolling for fresh meat if you ask me.


    After the third segment my mind was numb from trying to wrap a logical thought around the absurdity of the convoluted excuses they were making for the "VULNERABLE YOUTH" and the general denial of reality with everyone involved. Little did I know what they were about to delve into next.. Get a load of this.. In Hati, They've managed to roll Homosexuality, Voodoo and Religion all into one concept! They are filming a documentary about it. Oh, and there seems to be an HIV/AIDS problem there as well. Who'd have guessed?