Saturday, August 06, 2005

Who's Bashing Whom?

French priest hurt after mock same-sex marriage in Paris cathedral

Catholic News Agency


Paris, Jun. 07, 2005

French gay-rights activists took their legal battle for same-sex marriage into a Catholic church this week.

About 20 members of the group Act Up entered Paris’ historic Notre-Dame Cathedral and proceeded to perform a mock marriage of two lesbians in front of baffled tourists and worshippers

One activist dressed as a priest and pronounced the two women married. Others chanted: "Pope Benedict XVI, homophobe, AIDS accomplice."

Security officials chased them out of the cathedral, where clashes broke out. Msgr. Patrick Jacquin, who ran outside as well, was pulled into the clash and suffered a neck injury. He was treated at the scene.

"They are savages. I was pushed to the ground and trampled, kicked in the neck,” Msgr. Jacquin said. "It's a scandal for these people to lash out at me and the Pope."

End excerpt.

Ever notice when the subject of HIV/AIDS emerges, the homosexual advocates insist theres no AIDS connection to homosexuality?

Then why do they blame Christians (read homophobes) for the homosexual AIDS problem?

Like same sex marriage is the "magic bullet" that will stop the homosexual HIV/AIDS problem..

Homosexual pederasts masquerading as "priests" have sucsessfully invaded the catholic church and brought the rape of young boys into the pew.

This is an attempt to destroy the main source of rebuke to their sick life style..They're blatant in many protestant Churches as well.