Thursday, August 18, 2005

The Perverted Professor

***WARNING: Graphic vulgarity on behalf of "professor" Vocino***

In a recent August 1, 2005
in, Nathaniel Nelson, a Christian Student at University of Rhode Island Writes about his misfortunate encounter with the openly homosexual philosophy professor and homosexual activist (Check out his resume*) Michael Vocino

Michael Vocino


In the article Nelson reports that professor Vocino introduced himself to the class on the first day of his Political Philosophy course with the statement:

"My Name is Michael Vocino and I Like Dick"

Nelson also reports that he was subjected to what amounts to sexual harassment and forced to defend his faith and conservative political ideology by debating perverted professor in front of the class about homosexuality, same sex marriage and the constant use of vulgar speech of a sexual nature on behalf of the openly homosexual professor.

Our universities have become full blown hatefests for the morally insane homosexual militancy and sexual atheists to pummel the "evil Christians" among us. Professors like Vocino are why homosexuals have no credibility when they claim there is no homosexual agenda.

Anyone with half a brain knows that the only reason that drastic steps weren't taken to remedy this situation is because the victim in this case is a Christian! Had there been a strong racial or ethnic aspect to the harassment, the mainstream news media would run with the story like a pack of starving wolves with a deer carcass! Every talking head on the planet would be scrambling to book an interview with the "victim".

For example lets re-write the story and replace Vocino with a professor who had a sexual preference for the females, and who opened the semester by saying --- (you get the idea)

He'd be fired immediately, regardless of tenure.